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FAZ trigger an Alert if an log entry isn’t followed by an OK in X Minutes


Sometimes you may wan’t to trigger an alert only if one event persists longer than x minutes and isn’t followed by an log entry XY.


Check out the FortiAnalyzer correlation handler to do that.

Further Details

Starting with version 7.2.2, FortiAnalyzer has got a new Feature which is called correlation handler.

This might be very helpful, if you would like to verify if an event like VPN Tunnel down isn’t followed by a VPN Tunnel up in X Minutes.

In the example below i will show you how you may use the correlation handler to trigger an alert if a VPN Tunnel is down for more than 10 Minutes:

  • Create a new Correlation Handler
  • In the correlation Handler add a new rule for a tunnel down event

  • In the correlation Handler add a second rule for a tunnel up event
  • finish the configuration of the correlation handler

If you’re using a notification profile with E-Mail alerting configured, you’ll get a similar like the screenshot below, if the correlation handler is triggered:

The correlation handler is a very powerful feature of the FortiAnalyzer which you may use in many ways.

You may find further information’s in the 7.2 new features guide from Fortinet:

or in the FortiAnalyzer admin guide:

Creating a custom correlation handler | FortiAnalyzer 7.4.1 | Fortinet Document Library

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