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FGT FortiGuard Filter Rating Servers option not visible in the GUI


FortiGuard Filter Rating Serves aren’t available in the System – FortiGuard Menu

Users cannot access some websites and do get the error Message
Web Filter Service Error all Fortiguard servers failed to respond


Disable Certificate in the Feature Visibility

Further details

I’ve noticed this behavior in FOS 7.0.12 – FGT60F, FGT40F

If you shouldn’t see the FortiGuard Filter Rating Servers Status in the System – FortiGuard Tab:

Usally it should look similar to this:

And on the cli if you verify the rating servers you don’t see any rating servers that had been updated:

I’ve noticed that if you disable Certificates in the Feature Visibility,rating servers start to work, don’t ask me why …

Simply try to disable the Certificates visibility and refresh your Browser (i would recommend to clear the cache, to see the option instantly)

After that check if the rating servers are working correctly, it should look similar to this outpout