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FortiEMS / FortiClient retrieve debug Logs

If you would like to retrieve debug logs for troubleshooting an FortiClient / FortiEMS issue and export the current config of the Policy your Endpoints are using you may follow this procedure to retrieve detailed debug logs

– Enable EMS debug logging (Login to EMS console > go to “System Settings” > “Logs Settings” > set “Log level” to “Debug”)

– Enable FCT debug logging (Login to EMS console > open the endpoint profile assigned to the affected machine > go to “System Settings” > Select “Advanced” > set “Log Level” to “Debug” for ALL features)

– Check the FCT debug logging has been enabled (Login to the affected machine > open FCT > go to “Settings” > and check that “Log Level” for all features is now set to “Debug”)

– Reproduce the issue

– Save FCT config file (on EMS > go to “Endpoint Policy & Components” > “Manage Policies” > Choose Policy of affected endpoint and Click on Edit > in “Download Profile XML” section, download “Profile XML”)

– Collect a FCT Diagnostic package (Open FCT > go to About > and click on Diagnostic Tool > Once the tool has finished, it will save FCT logs to %temp%\Diagnostic_Result\

– Collect an EMS Diagnostic package (Login to your EMS server > go to EMS directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Fortinet\FortiClientEMS) > and run EMSDiagnosticTool.exe > Once the tool has finished, it will save EMS logs to %temp% . It should be something like this: “”)