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FortiSwitch Cheat Sheet

FortiGate commands for ForitSwitch (in FortiLink) 
General Info 
Overview of all FortiSwitches Serial, Verison, IP, Statusexecute switch-controller get-conn-status
FortiSwitch configuration (config is stored on the FortiGate)show switch-controller managed-switch S448DP1111111
Connect from the FortiGate to a FortiSwitch (use the IP from the get-conn-status command)execute ssh admin@
FortiSwitch Firmware Upgrade statusexecute switch-controller get-upgrade-status
Port Information 
Port Status speed/duplex and switch status informationexecute switch-controller get-conn-status S448DP1111111
Port info PoE, connector and available speed optionsdiagnose switch-controller switch-info port-properties S448DP1111111
Port stats State / speed & duplex / some in &out countersdiag switch-controller switch-info port-stats S448DP1111111
FortiSwitch MAC Tablediagnose switch-controller switch-info mac-table S448DP1111111
show all Device Informations for one FortiSwitch Serial IP,MAC, OS, Hardware ….)diagnose user-device-store device memory query 53 fortiswitch_id S448DP1111111
FortiSwitch on FortiGate show all Devices for one MAC (port, OS)diagnose user-device-store device memory query 2 mac f4:a8:0d:0b:11:11
802.1X state of the portsdiag switch-controller switch-info  802.1X S448DP1111111
Trunk (portchannel) status on all switches (check for link failures)diag switch-controller switch-info trunk status
LLDP info summary diag switch-controller switch-info lldp neighbors-summary S448DP1111111
MCLAG peer config consistency on all switchesdiag switch-controller switch-info mclag peer-consistency-check
FortiSwitch native commands (must be executed directly on the FortiSwitch) 
Physical Ports Statusget switch physical-port
LLDP per port summary infoget switch lldp neighbors-summary
MAC tablediag switch mac-address list
Trunk info (show fortilink trunk members)get switch trunk
STP info  (who is root / stp forwarding state per port)diagnose stp instance list
Port info state, speed, native vlandiag switch physical-ports summary
Port Infos speed, state, countersdiag switch physical-ports list
Port Counters detail + Errordiag switch physical-ports port-stats list
diag switch physical-ports port-stats non-zero
Port Bandwitth RX TX current statediag switch physical-ports linerate
DHCP Snooping overviewget switch dhcp-snooping database-summary
SFP Transmit RX TX dbm (-3 – -9 dbm is ok)get switch modules status
Enable sniffer on FortiSwitch port (in my example port8)
and capture 100 packets –> Alternative: use a mirror port, or check the FortiSwitch documentation, there are several possibilities
config switch interface
edit port8
set packet-sampler enabled
set packet-sample-rate 1 #select the port you’ve enabled the packet-sampler (sp8 = port 8)
diag sniffer packet sp8 ” 4  100 l
Disable sniffer on FortiSwitch port (in my example port8)config switch interface
edit port8
unset packet-sample-rate
set packet-sampler disabled

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